Danny Burnstein


1. Name?                                                            Danny Burnstien


2. Hometown?                                                   West Bloomfield, Michigan


3. Your Ride?                                                    What are we talking about? Car or board?

                                                                           Car- 6 inch lifted Ram 1500

Board- Gator Prospect 137 with OG. LTD bindings.


4. Years Riding?                                                Since I was 7 years old, so my guess is 13 years if my math is right.


5. Favorite Riding Spot?                                    O-town Watersports


6. Which level/division do you compete?           Pro


7. If you are not riding boat, you are….             Sleeping, driving, riding cable, chillin

                                                                           and being stupid with my friends.


8. Favorite Food?                                               Pizza


9. Blondes or Brunettes?                                    Brunettes any day


10. Music?                                                         Any Canadian Hip-Hop or Country.


11. Quotes to live by?                                        Go big or go home.



12. Favorite to ride (double up, wake, rails)...   Rails because I grew up snow boarding and I just love the feel of being on a rail.


13 Where do you live now?                               About 2 years ago I moved from Michigan down south to Lakeland Florida to ride and go to school at FSC.


14.Best part about riding for Gatorboards?        well the best part about GB to me is the family feel in the company and the awesome boards and bindings that are not only great behind boat but are awesome on cable and great on the rails.