Friday, August 7 2009
This came in from a loyal fan to the Gatorboards comunity. Its good to know there are still honest people in the world. Thanks Dan for making this happen. I am sure the girl is super happy.

"A real long shot here but I’m reaching out to try to get an autographed 2008 Gator Desire back to its owner. On 08/02/09 I found the board along a northern Wisconsin freeway between the towns of Rice Lake and Chetek…blew out of the boat, I’d guess.  It is autographed by Holland Finley to “Jessie”.  Perhaps you can help spread the word and “Jessie” can get her ride back…she probably misses it!

Well just after Dan had emailed us about this issue, some good saints came to the rescue. Check out what happened.

"Wow, I can’t freakin’ believe it but the owner of this lost Gator Desire board has already been located!  USA Water Ski contacted Holland Finley for me about it, Holland thought she might know a “Jessie” that she autographed a board and found an email address for her.  USA Water Ski then facilitated getting the owner in touch with me to identify the lost board.  Jessie and I are now making arrangements to get her ride back to her.  Way cool, I never expected such a long shot to work out so quickly!!!
Dan Bullis"