Friday, September 17 2010
Hey Guys,

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say thank you for all
the work you've put into gator this past year.

I'm so happy that the plan you guys talked about last year all fell
into place and worked out exactly like you said it would.  I'm really
excited to be a part of what Gator Boards is doing, and SO grateful
that you have taken care of me and still have a major roll in the
company and can fly the Gator flag proud.

  I'm really looking forward to the new year getting everything back
on track, having new products, new distributors and having a killer
year! hopefully we can do some more trips this year Erik! Singapore
was fun!

Anyway i just wanted to say thanks for everything, i truly appreciate
the opportunity you have given me, and all the hard work you guys do
to keep making Gator happen!

thanks again!