Monday, August 10 2009
Here are some words from Kyle Rattray and some photos from his adventure.

"Still road trippen!

I’m on my last day of my last major road trip for the summer! I’m in Taiwan for the last day of the World Games.  From what I’ve learned about the World Games, it is an event put on every 4 years like the Olympics, with sports that are trying to be in the Olympics, so it’s the Olympics for sports not in the Olympics…did I explain that right?

I arrived here on Tues and then rode wed morning.  After quarterfinals were over we had two days off to check out the city.  Andrew (adkison) and me walked around the city a little bit those two days and found some cool stuff.  There are some temples across the lake from the site we went in and they were insane! So detailed inside, every square inch of the building is decorated in honor of Buda, people come to those places each day to worship. 

There is also tons of other events, there’s like tug-o-war, jujitsu, sumo wrestling, all kinds of stuff.  One of the nights we went and watched doubles trampoline.  Its where two people bounce side by side like a mirror image of each other, it was crazy! Really cool to see.  The city built a building just for indoor gymnastics stuff, as well as built another one for out door track and field.  I haven’t seen that building yet, tonight we will for the closing ceremonies.  They team said at the opening ceremonies there was 50,000 people watching! Tonight should be cool I hope.

Yesterday was the last day of riding, it ended up Andrew won, I got second, and bomb got third.  There is defiantly the BIGGEST wakeboarding fans ever here! Yesterday after my ride I whipped into shore and had to walk through the crowd, probably 10,000 people.  They all clapped, cheered, and I stood right by the edge of the lake where I got out at, and took pictures and signed autographs for about 2 hours!  It’s cool to see people so into it.  I wish more events had crowds like that; it was really cool to see.  People here sure like their pictures taken with you!  They then did the podium and it was full Olympic style. They raised the flags, sang the national anthem, the whole deal.

Today our last day of hanging out here, then it’s a 23 hours mission home.  SO SO happy to be going home, I’ve been gone for so long.  I miss my house, my lake, my grass, my chick, my dog, I love FL. I’ve been lots of places in the world, and FL it’s still my favorite place! Can’t wait to get home! I’ll be home for two weeks now getting ready for wakestock!

See you guys at Wakestock!"