Wednesday, November 25 2009
I went to the Rio Bravo Pro, in Mexico. The first night we got there
they had built a rail jam out of the guys infinity pool into the river.
We put on a demo and just sessioned that thing all night.

    Next day was practice day, everyone just rode all day, getting use to
the wake. They had a helicopter and big spence was shooting from it
all day.  That night they put on a rail event, $100 went to the winner
of each round, I had crappy drivers each time and was just thankful to
make it down the rail in one piece.

    Next day was the event, Danny, Shane, and Watson were all leaving early
this day because they had to catch a flight, so they rode in the first
round of the event but wouldn't ride in the rest of the event, so if you were in a
heat with them you were stoked, because they were only taking top 2,
so even if you got thrid in those heats you would still advance.

   However in my heat I had JD and Phil, both not leaving.  I rode great
but messed up and did a toe 5 insted of a 7 and dropped the handle on
a back 5, and that allowed JD to sneak past me.  I only lost by a
point or two, needed that 7!

    After the event we drove back over the border and ate at Whataburger,
 We then went to sleep and caught our flight the next morning.

Kyle Rattray