Wednesday, April 16 2008
Hello - just a general note to pass on well-deserved respect to GB; that is my only intention with this message.  When people do a good job at something, I believe it should get back to them. 
Firstly, I'm a nobody as far a wakeboarding/skating goes...I am an intermediate rider; certainly nothing special but I ride for the fun of it and for myself whenever I can. It's been a rough last year and half as among other personal struggles, I lost some important people in my life plus I had a bad knee and hip injury snowboarding and a knee injury last wake season too. I couldn't ride as much as I wanted and without that release, I found myself dwelling on the negatives I had going on - things were pretty bad.  As crazy as it sounds, there were three major turning points that truly got me back to good:
1) A loving family thank god,
2) Watching Randy Harris ride for the first time in person at wakestock
3) Scraping a little extra scrillah together recently and watching transgression for the first time
That's it, that's all - I appreciate what GB has done and continues to do for this seemingly simple sport (riding boards on water) yet a sport that means so much to people like me.