Monday, July 28 2008
Sick grassroots event Saturday that we sponsored - H-Town showdown, I think this is the 4th or 5th year they have had this at a private lake in South Houston. Got to spend some quality time with the Sun & Ski people, and we were well represented with tent, banners, and some swag giveaways.

Best news though is that I rode three times this week and the shoulder is holding up great. I ripped the fins off the big Prospect and I'm really liking that board. I did a demo today on the Trinity river - 40+ miles of butter about 1.5 hours north of Houston on my way home. Huge trees on each bank, and it was dredged for barge traffic 50 years ago, so it is still 30-40 feet deep just a few feet from the bank.

Brian Jolin