Wednesday, August 20 2008
It has been a busy season for the Gator team this year. Ricky is about to have a baby girl. (Congrats Ricky, let me know when she is born), Kyle Rattray has been riding in as many contests as he can this year. He was in Canada this past weekend riding in the Canadian Nationals. Mark Weikel has been recovering from his shoulder surgery and finishing up his rider for cancer tour, which has been doing very well. Gerry Nunn has also been busy with his summer tour and also recovering from a minor injury.
Our representers for the team challenge were AJ Racinelli who has been killing it this year, but you all probably know that already. Our long time friend and ripper, Dave Issacson from the Northwest and the Boss man himself, Gator.  Ryan Doyle was also at the event and was filming everything, so be sure to check back for a video post on the site.
From what I was told from Ryan, is that Gator went out and threw down. "Biggest front I have seen in a while from anybody" came out of Doyles mouth when I talked to him on the phone talking about Gator's run. Gator rode really well and had a stand up pass. Dave rode well also. AJ took 3rd on the rail division. This dude is ridiculous on rails. Everybody better watch out!
Unfortunately we did not win the event but went out, rode good and had fun doing it.

Nice work guys...