Tuesday, April 28 2009
Cayman Islands from the words of Ricky Gonzalez

I recently went over to the Cayman Islands with Ryan Doyle and Kyle Rattray to do a 10 page story for SBC magazine. As I was flying over the beaches I was amazed on how white the sand was and how blue the water was. When we landed we checked in to our hotel and got on the road to check out the scenery and went to a place called HELL. This was a tourist stop that had everything to do with hell.

After a few times of driving around the whole island, we stopped by a canal type location for wake skating. We hooked the rope up to the car and pulled Ryan. It was a sketchy bridge that he threw down some tricks over it.

  Of course We had the chance to watch the UFC fights, we tried to find the best spot that would stay open for the fights because most places close at 10pm on Saturday nights. But we found it and I wasn’t about to miss Rampage fight.

  One day we went to this skate park which was insane, it was huge and I took a lot of pictures of it. there was only a few kids at the skate park, but we went to this standing wave which all of us got broke off. We were looking forward all day to ride this thing and it wasn’t easy. It was a lot of fun and we had a crowd around us which was amused with us falling over and over again.


We did a demo in front of a restaurant on the water, we rode and got some shots for a couple more days and that summed up our whole trip. Overall the trip was great and I look forward to going back there.